Sucker – Not Candy

Oh I am a sucker!

I had to do some work later this evening at the office. A kiddo was here at the office painting. We looked at dinner options here in town. Nothing sounded super good.

Then I had an idea! Blueberries and raspberries and little sandwiches sounded good! So we went to Meijer. While there, I also wanted to grab some scented oils for a stinky piece of furniture here at the office.

To get from the grocery section to the oil section, we cut thru the clothes section. Where we found 30% to 50% off of clearance prices! And . . well . . say Hi to my new hat! Actually, I told the kiddo that she could have it after today. I just really wanted to take my ponytail out and my hair would have looked bad. So my kiddo gets a new hat and I don’t have to feel bad that I added yet another hat to my hat collection without absolutely loving the hat 🙂

Tonight I am thankful for a good deal on an un-necessary purchase that will make my kiddo happy after we get home tonight and she takes owner of the hat 🙂

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