Ninja Mom

Some people are just stubborn! If you are stubborn, raise your hand. 🙋‍♀️ See, that’s me . . I raised my hand . . . and somehow became blond . . . well anyway . . the blog, yes, back to the blog!

I have been working somewhat half-heartedly on getting back in to shape for awhile now. I’ve thought off and on about more organized exercise activities. But, I have troubles with the thought of committing to a class and I don’t know how I feel about a more one on one thing, like a trainer or something. I have stubbornly just waited for myself to get myself in line.

Now, mind you I am just talking about exercise here! I am not going to speak negatively about my eating habits – those are a work in progress. I have had challenges, but I am being positive about the eating overall. It is definitely an up and down situation; but overall the trendline is positive, so I’m being positive.

My exercise though . . . well that hasn’t been good. Nope, I objectively can’t say that it has been as positive as the eating endeavors. But, I am making strides to change that. And one big one is joining an adult ninja class! I am at the ninja gym with my kiddo. And the adult class overlaps the time that I’ll be there already! Perfect!

Tonight I am thankful that I survived my first night of Ninja class! I have a lot of work to do! But, this will be fun and helpful! I’m excited!

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