Picture it, at a random party store in Bath, Michigan, a mom and her daughter stopped to use an ATM on their way to collect vintage clothing for the daughter’s vintage clothing business. While waiting in line for the ATM, the ladies spot some new types of fruit snacks!

On the left you will see Arnold Palmer tea/lemonade fruit snacks which are reported to be quite yummy by the kiddos. Personally, I don’t like tea, so I’m sure I wouldn’t like the gummies. Happily for one kiddo, these are a gluten free treat!

On the right you will see Smurfs! I didn’t actually purchase these to eat them. They looked neat 🙂 But, the bag is currently being consumed in the other room. I can’t tell you if these taste good or not.

Tonight I am thankful for fun new treats found in a small town on the way to do something else today 🙂

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