Don’t Read if You are Afraid of Bugs!!

Ok, I was debating on sharing this or not. But, why not? Right?

On my wonderful trip with my boys, we got a fantastic price on our hotel room. Even with its 2.5 star rating, I was willing to give it a shot with our great discount.

So there we were, relaxing and watching Back to the Future. It was around midnight, I think after midnight. And my kiddo says, “What is this bug?”. Oh yes ladies and gentleman, it was a freaking bed bug.

My research in to bed bugs is more than it should be, due to a kiddo bringing bed bugs back from a camp several years ago. The chemicals for bed bugs are toxic and not guaranteed. The best way to kill bed bugs is extreme heat. Bed bugs hate Tea Tree oil of all the oils.

I did not have tea tree oil with me. I did not have my garment steamer with me. I had peppermint oil though. I put the peppermint oil all over the beds, sheets, blankets, and all our bags.

Being a mom, I doused the boys’ things more than my own – as I found out later. I slept about 5 hours and woke up to use the restroom. When I laid back down there was a freaking bed bug on me. I was so disgusted! I pepperminted the boys again and inspected them while they slept. They were good. Turns out I got bit 4 times. I didn’t intentionally oil my stuff less. But, I guess I did, because I am the only one that was bit.

When we got home we steamed our bags and threw all the clothes in the dryer on the highest setting. And I tea tree’d everything that couldn’t be steamed or dryer-ed.

Tonight I am thankful that it appears that no bed bugs came home with us. I seriously would have cried. And I am thankful that I carry a couple important oils with me! I need to restock my peppermint, as I used a whole bunch emptying it in to our hotel room!

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