Mind Workings . . .

Let me show you how my mind works:

I’ll go for a bike ride.
How far should I go . . what route should I go on?
I think I’ll go on that route that the kiddos and I used to take when we were doing that bike race in Howell years ago.
Yeah, I should do that. It was like 12 or 14 miles I think.
I should be able to do that. That’ll be a good challenge.

I hope on the bike and start going. It gets warm. It gets hot. I don’t have a water. I stop in the shade and rest to cool down. I get up and go some more.

It’s hot. I’m thirsty. I should have brought water. I can keep going! I can do this! I rest again.

I keep going past a sign that says a bridge is out. I figure I can cross in the creek if I need to. I get there, and there is a little walkway, but I pretty much have to carry the bike.

After carrying the bike across the make-shift walkway over the creek, I decide to call the ride. I was pretty exhausted, extremely hot, and extraordinarily thirsty. I call the hubster, who had offered to come get me if the storm rolled in early. He says he’ll be on his way. And I keep going until he can get there.

As I’m going, I had the thought . . . Hmm, when the kiddos and I did the long bike race, we used to train on this route with a longer distance to be conditioned. I think this route is actually like 17 or 18 miles. Hmmm, no wonder why I am so exhausted in this heat!

Tonight I am thankful that I went 13.60 miles today. Hey, that’s pretty good, although not what I thought it was . . .
I am also thankful for the very nice lady who stopped while I was resting. She just wanted to make sure I was ok 🙂 That was very nice of her! 🙂

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