School Planning

School plans changed in this house two years ago, pre-Covid. I had talks with the kids about schooling choices outside of public school off and on for years. Two years ago we made a change. Since that time, we have learned more and more about schooling choices.

As we approach the fall semester our household has one in college, two that will have a few classes in the public school and the remainder of the day at the career center, and one that will be homeschooled. We are a registered homeschool with the state of Michigan to leave options open in case this kiddo ever wants to go back to public school.

I have done more and more research every school year. I have had two other moms who have homeschooled their kiddos that have provided lots of ideas. I have one teacher friend in particular who has been very helpful! And I am feeling pretty confident for all of my kiddos heading in to this school year! This feels more confident than last school year, or even the school year before.

I know the confidence feeling doesn’t guarantee that everything will be flawless. I expect flaws. This is life people! There will be bumps in the road! But, I am truly liking the confidence in my kiddos with their schooling choices – all four of them have been thoughtful and intentional with their choices!!

Today I was reviewing some of the material for our homeschool program and I am pretty impressed! We are going a different route this year with the accredited program that we chose. I think this will be good!

Tonight I am thankful for a few more years of experience – myself and the kiddos – to make the best choices for each kiddo’s upcoming year of school. I’ll do a little more reviewing, then I’ll shove it all on a shelf and enjoy a few more days of summer break before school starts!

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