Splish Splash

Our floofy white doggy LOVES to play in the water. We have changed water bowls in the house a couple of times now because of her. There needs to be enough water for everyone to drink. But there can’t be too much water that she can make a big mess. She has also splashed so much in the water dish that she has lodged water in her ears and given herself ear infections.

One smart member of my family put a tote in the dog pen and filled over half way with water. She LOVES it! She’ll go out and put her front two feet in the water and splash them around! There is enough water that she can’t make very big splashes that go up to her ears. And there is plenty of water for them to drink when they are thirsty!

Tonight I am thankful for a blue tote bin in the dog pen. It has brought much happiness to my puppy dogs!!

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