Momma’s Back to School Eve

Twas the night before school starts
and all thru the house
the teenagers were stirring
not happy with a blouse.

They don’t call it a blouse,
that’s not hip to say
The outfit, the drip, the vibe, the fit,
are the words of today.

The pencils and ipads
were packed away tight
ready to go to school
in the morning without causing a fight.

This Momma is cautious,
it happens every year.
Her kiddos go away
She tries not to shed a tear.

Momma likes when
her kids are home safe
But she knows for them to grow
Leaving home is the case.

So tomorrow is the day
the school starts again.
Kiddos leave their Momma
to go learn words like “sten”.

Time keeps on rolling
the kiddos keep growing
Momma’s heart glowing
cause her kiddos are soaring.

Tonight Momma’s thankful
that her kiddos are ready
Prayers follow kiddos always
so their hearts don’t get heavy ❤️

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