Judgement that Makes me Laugh

I have been laughing while hearing about reactions to our recent life choices! Seriously it makes me laugh! 🤣

We close tomorrow on our new house! It is not bigger. It does not have more land. It is not nicer. But I am so excited!!!! We have big reasons for this move! This move launches us in to a goal that we’ve been chasing for years!

The house is nice. The land is nice. We will be comfortable there. And we have plans for the property!

Here’s is a truth that I’ve known, but was cemented inside me since I appraised my first million dollar foreclosure a little over 15 years ago. A house is just a house. I know emotions and memories can become a part of the walls of a house. I will always remember crying when we moved from the house that I brought all of my babies home to. But, it was the memories that made me cry, not the house.
Aside from the emotions and memories, a house is not a reflection of a person. I know multi-millionaires who live in houses worth less than $200,000. I have seen multiple foreclosures of million dollar homes, in gated subdivisions, with great lake frontage, etc.

A house at its basis is not meant to be a financial prison. It is not meant to be a social status symbol. It is not to be a reflection of anything. It is meant to be a place to live.

So to those who judge this life decision . . you make me laugh! I never invited any of you to come and live with me! What do you care? 🤣 If you must gossip and judge, well have fun I guess. I wish you a perspective change if my living situation is your entertainment! But seriously, come talk to me! I’ll share the details of our decision. I am pretty open . . because 1) I truly believe in our decisions 2) your judgement of my decisions will never sway me and 3) it actually usually makes me laugh. Don’t let my laughter scare you though, come chat. I’d love to share with you! We are chasing freedom!

Tonight I am thankful to be in the position to laugh at the critics! The me of 20 years ago had not yet learned how to laugh at irrelevant judgements. It’s a process . . and one well worth it!

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