Details, Shmetails

Alright, we did it! Today we closed on the new house! Woo Hoo!

I almost forgot a $2,000 check! Oops! Details are not what I was thinking of . . . I was too excited! Fortunately the random thought came to me (God sent) about 15 minutes before closing and I was able to run to the bank, get a Cashier’s Check, and be back for the closing with one minute to spare!

Later at the new house I had an amazing home inspector and friend coming over. (If you need a home inspector, let me know! I’ll forward his info!) Anyway, I arrived at the house a little early and realized I didn’t have keys! I had given keys to the hubster and he was at least 20 minutes away! Oops! Fortunately I did have a voicemail that said where extra keys were from family members. So I snatched those and was able to unlock the house.

I’m sure there were other details that I forgot about today. Those were a couple big ones!

Tonight I am thankful that God must have a set of angels assigned to help me and watch out for the details I forget about it! I’m sure it is a full time job for at least 5 angels! 😂

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