One of the things that I have valued about my job has been the flexible hours. It comes with a price, when I work long days, evenings, early mornings, and weekends. But, I wouldn’t change it for anything! Being there for my kiddos has been priceless!

Even now, they are all teenagers. But, we had a great opportunity this week! My 2 kiddos going in to the high school are only going half days until next week when the career center starts up. So, we had a whole half of a day to have fun! We had put the zoo on the calendar a little bit ago. And today we went!

We visited a new-to-us zoo. I made friends with a camel. The kiddos got to see some animals getting frisky. This is not the first time the kiddos and I have witnessed reproductive habits of zoo animals first hand . . today was penguins and little groundhog type critters.

Tonight I am thankful for an afternoon at the zoo with my kiddos today! I love that they still come with me on little adventures ❤️ They will always be my babies! ❤️

Here is a pretty view from Portland, when we stopped for a mediocre (C-/D+) dinner. This was definitely not the highlight of the trip.

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