I try not to work a super long day on Fridays. But today I’m over 12 hours. Part of that is because I played yesterday with the kiddos and went to the zoo 🙂

I forgot to bring food with me. I stopped and got snacks this morning. But, when it came time for lunch, I wanted more than snacks. Fortunately a kiddo was working in the office today! She walked down and got us yummy sandwiches from the deli!

This evening I was hungry again for dinner. I thought and thought about what to eat. Hmmm. There is a restaurant less than a block away that I have never eaten at. Tonight we ordered food, picked it up, and ate at the office!

Tonight I am thankful for an office in town! All the yummy food choices within walking distance! Now, I won’t make this a habit, but it sure was yummy today!

PS, this is NOT a sandwich that I ate today. But it came up when I was looking for a picture. And it looks interesting 🙂

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