This is a happy Momma tonight!

It was maybe 2 years ago . . or was it 3 years? I don’t remember. Anyway, I do remember when we were at the doctor for a regular check-up and the doctor mentioned that my kiddo’s spine was curved. She recommended going to a back doctor.

The hubster took the kiddo the chiropractor to see what he had to say. And I called a friend of mine who had done a ton of research when her kiddo was found to have scoliosis. We did go see the doctor at U of M, as our general doctor suggested also.

The plan from U of M was not acceptable. They said wait to see if it gets worse. Um, NO! This is my child’s spine!!! We went to see Dr Morningstar, who specializes in natural spine stuff. His counseling and the chiropractors aligned. I liked that – two doctors who agree on doing something NOW for my kiddo to help this get better. That is so much better than waiting to see if anything gets worse and then maybe surgery. 🙄

And now, we have come a long way! Today my kiddo was officially discharged from his check-ins with Dr Morningstar! He is doing so good! 🙂

Tonight I am thankful that this was caught when it was! I am thankful for God sending people across our path who were knowledgeable and helpful! I am thankful that my kiddo’s back is within straight limits!! Hooray!!! Yay!! Celebrate!!! 🙂

(I realize I look pretty tired here. But I will still celebrate!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!)

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