Perfection – Or Lack Of

I had a meeting today with some business people. A comment was made about someone’s client who expected perfection. His comment was that his company strives for excellence, not perfection.

That’s kind of stuck with me. What a great goal!

And better still, what if our goal of excellence was tapered or seasoned with the circumstance we are in?

Take today for instance, I had no meetings with people in person today. I did have a zoom meeting, so I wanted to look semi-presentable. Here is the honest run-down:
1) My hair is pretty greasy. I should have washed it today. But I didn’t. Hence, it is not showing in this picture.
2) I look tired. We had a bat in the house last night around 3:30am. After I got it outside, I only fell back asleep for about a half hour before my alarm went off.
3) There are crumbs on me in this picture. I don’t know from what. I did a lot of snacking today.
4) Yep, snacking. I ate a lot of crap food today and drank a lot of crap pop.
5) Oh! I grabbed a pair of comfy, black pants. I didn’t notice until around 3pm that these are my OLD comfy, black pants. There is a huge hole in the crotch.

But guess what, I’m ok with all of that! My goal of excellence today was to get a lot done at my computer. So my appearance really didn’t matter. I was going for comfort and staying attentive.

Perfection was not my goal! Excellence on files was my goal! To someone else expecting perfection today, I may have failed. To me and my goals, I did good!

Tonight I am thankful for less than perfection! I hope you enjoy your less than perfection too!

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