A Day of Bravery for All!

My Mom and I were talking today about being brave. Today had so much bravery!

First, my kiddo had her first ever booth to promote her business! I am a very proud Momma! She made the decision a bit ago to focus her business primarily on vintage clothing. She has been researching, hunting, and restoring vintage clothing items. For today she has planned, made a list, and checked it twice. She was ready! And she did great!

On our way in to town this morning to set up for her booth, we saw two loose cows. We turned around and went back to the cows. They were in the field. I got out and walked towards them. Yep . . one was a bull. I walked slowly towards it and prayed, “Um, God, that’s a bull. Please keep him nice towards me!” He was a nice bull. I think the cow couple was eloping! 🤣 The hubster took the kiddo to set up her booth. I kept another kiddo with me, who walked down to the next houses to try to find where the cows lived. The cows got back home safe and sound! And the owner seemed quite surprised when he came down the road with some ropes and stuff. I’m kind of wondering exactly how many angels were keeping the bull being a big sweety . . but, I’ll just be thankful that God has my back, even with a runaway bull and his lady love!

This afternoon my Mom excitedly went outside of her comfort zone for some realtor stuff! She did great!

Tonight I am thankful for all the brave stuff today! It may all seem like every day stuff. But, I think every day bravery is overlooked way too much! I give a big round of applause to everyone who did something brave today (or any day!)

Here are my new friends, the cow couple 🙂 They made me want to get some cows!! 🙂

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