1st, for this photo, I told the hubster that I needed his ring for a picture. And getting the ring off of his finger was challenging for him 😂 Not a bad thing 😊

Ok, on to the actual blog . .

A truth of life is that nothing good stays in life without intentionality. If you want a plant to live, you have to water it and give it sunshine (and other things that are beyond my grasp because I kill plants!). If you want a pet to live, you have to feed it, water it, let it potty, and give it lots of love! And so far life has shown that if I don’t want to throw heavy objects at the hubster’s head regularly, we (both of us, not just one of us) have to do a lot of things intentionally – communication, selflessness, healthy boundaries, acts of love, being patient, giving grace, more communication, patient communication, and graceful communication.

Today at our church, Mount Hope Church in Williamston, they announced a Marriage Class coming up on September 18th! I whispered to the hubster, I want us to go! I ordered the book from Amazon right away! Sometimes I’m a little pushy . . but I did more of the communication stuff later with him.

I’ll be honest here, he isn’t the most excited about coming. But he’s coming. Why? That compromise stuff. That selflessness part. We aren’t perfect. We won’t ever be. And that’s ok. But where we are now could be better. It could always be better. When we stop trying is when we start losing.

There is a stigma out there, seemingly greater with males, that seeking in-depth knowledge from others about something personal, is showing weakness. That admitting things could be better is a personal offence. That discussing anything with personal relationships is not “manly”. That stigma is pure ignorance. Yet it is engrained in some people’s heads so far that it may take a baseball bat to get it out . . or something . . maybe not a baseball bat . . . I’ve never hit the hubster with a baseball bat . . . a pillow on occasion . . . anyway, that’s not the point.

Lately I’ve been praying a little extra about this stuff. Mostly when it dawned on me that I hadn’t really been praying for the hubster when he makes me mad. That is actually the times he needs my prayers the most. And honestly, that is the time I need to pray for him the most. Everything can be magnified when it comes a spouse, happiness, joy, love, comfort, confidence; but so can hurt, anger, offence, etc. Those feelings can come so quickly and so immensely that I get caught up in them and forget that God should come first here, just like every other area in life. And if I let him, God will make things best like only he can do here, just like every other area in life.

Tonight I am thankful for the upcoming marriage class at Mount Hope Church in Williamston! I am super excited! Amazon says our book will be here tomorrow!

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