Awhile ago I asked the ladies of the office (the gent of the office wasn’t here to consult) if they minded if I walked around barefoot. I didn’t want to offend anyone. I was granted approval 🙂

I keep my shoes on when clients are here.

As we are heading out of sandal weather, I will start wearing more real shoes. Like today, wearing low boots. But, I ditched them here at my desk. So I think I need to invest in some office slippers maybe as the weather gets cold . .

Hmm, office slippers . . maybe I should patent that 🙂 Like those sweatpants that look like blue jeans . . hmm . .

Did you know that in high school I once won an award for ugliest feet? (Dansvillians, it was a doily award during play season). Yep. It stung at the time. Hurtful, who the heck does that to an insecure teenager? And I think I kept my feet covered for a good month after that. Then I realized I could care less! If my feet are so ugly, don’t look at them!!! 🥴 These babies like to be free!!!

Tonight I am thankful for bare feet!! If you stop by the office, feel free to kick off your shoes and stay awhile!! But, if you prefer, I’ll keep my shoes on. I aim to please 🙂

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