Restful Travels

It started a few days ago, a kiddo had a cold. Then it dawned on the hubster that . . we should test for covid. Covid has been going around the school. Kiddo took the test, the test was negative. Yay! So this is truly just a cold.

Kiddo one shared the cold with Kiddo two. Kiddo two had a thing tonight. He really wanted to go!

I contacted his coach and told her of the situation. Kiddo wore a mask when he was there (but took it off to take pictures) and we left pretty quickly.

Tonight I am thankful for a very nice coach letting us come to the event tonight! My kiddo was glad to have gone! And rested in the car.

* I’ve covered kiddo with an emoji because I only share kiddo faces where I can have some kind of control of the audience 🙂 He had his eyes closed resting anyway.

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