Accidentally Correct!

One of my strengths in life is NOT food selections of others.

For instance, I still cannot tell you if the hubster prefers jelly or jam. I know it is not preserves. But the fact that the other two both start with “j” and are basically the same in my mind, makes something not stick in my brain.

One kiddo has never liked peanuts. He is not allergic to them or anything. He just legit does not like them. When he was younger, I slipped peanut butter in to something he was eating to see if this was real or in his head. Nope, it was real. He tasted the peanut butter and stopped eating. It really tastes bad to him.

And, well now I have a kiddo who has to eat gluten free. She has been this way for awhile now. But I regularly offer her food with gluten in it. On purpose? Nope, not at all. It just doesn’t all jump to the forefront of my mind.

Yesterday I stopped in at Sam’s Club and there was this giant thing of Tootsie Rolls on clearance. So, well . . I bought it. Imagine my delight when we got home and I actually read that it was gluten free!

Tonight I am thankful for (accidentally) supplying a big container with gluten free treats for my kiddo! Yay! I love when I accidentally do things right!

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