Running with Pumpkins

For years I have done one 5k per year with kiddos. Over the years one of my kiddos have decided that 5k’s aren’t for them . . which is fine. One kiddo runs cross country now, so it worked for that kiddo. And the remaining kiddos are somewhere in the middle.

We have different 5k’s to keep it interesting – a color run, an inflatable run, a superhero run, and more. The one 5k that has stuck as the preferred race is the pumpkin run! That is the one we have done the last several years.

Tonight I am thankful for our Pumpkin Run 5k tomorrow morning! Some silly kiddos will be holding a pumpkin for the whole course . . not me! Pumpkin or not, I am thankful that I still get to do one 5k per year with kiddos!

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