Tonight was the homecoming football game. I had two kiddos that were undecided about going. I did encourage them to come. It is good to be around people.

I stood by the fence with the hubster and kiddos. We talked to a few people.

It hit me once we got home that I truly hope the kiddos don’t see me as a hypocrite! Although it may not come across online, I am a bit of an introvert. I have learned how to be more extroverted, as life is easier if one can master skills outside of one’s comfort zone.

But at heart, I’m an introvert. And mingling with people in a large group has never been something that is at the top of my list!

I will talk to the kiddos, I do want to make sure that my idea of going out around people and what their idea might be could be different. I am proud of myself when I go to things like a football game tonight. I consider it a win to be around lots of people and talk to five or less of them! I am very proud of myself for such things!

I hope my kiddos know that I am proud of them too! We all went out! We all talked a bit! Yay us!!

Tonight I am thankful that we went out and were amongst people! Tonight I am also thankful for being back home in comfy clothes snuggling with my kitty cat in my own room!

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