About a month ago I had updated on belated Christmas adventures for my boy kiddos. And now I am catching up on the girl kiddo Christmas adventures! I will state again that the original Christmas adventures for 3 out of the 4 kiddos did not work out, so we had to change the adventure plans. The kiddo whose Christmas adventure is the same as what she opened on Christmas day will be the last kiddo to go on their adventure . . but that kiddo is ok with this! There was a reason for delaying that adventure.

Today’s adventure took a bit to plan. I was exchanging voicemails for weeks with the company we originally wanted to use. But, it became apparent that they weren’t that interested in gaining business. So we found a better company! Today went wonderfully!

Tonight I am thankful for a good kiddo Christmas adventure in September!! The leaves were just starting to change and it was beautiful on the trails!

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