I’ve been putting off reviewing the budget. Bleh. Who wants to do that?

Ya know, those adulty things that make a person just want to pretend to not be an adult!?

Of course I am much better about budgets than I used to be. The years of Financial Peace, leading classes and just working and working and working on our budgets have come in handy!

But this current season in life has things swirling! Renovations at the new house, prep and renovations for the existing house, kiddo fall stuff, and life have all thrown the budget out of whack. And I really didn’t want to work on straightening the darn thing back out.

But, this morning I was laying in bed. And I was feeling that nudge that it was time to just do the adult thing and work on the budget.

Tonight I am thankful for time this morning, in my pj’s, on my laptop, propped up with pillows when the house was still quiet, munching on a fall Little Debbie, while getting the budget all squared away. It feels good to have that taken care of! Hooray!

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