Grown Woman Transformed to Guilty School Kid

I had misplaced my library card. We haven’t really went to the library since the start of Covid. And honestly, it was a bit before that.

But now, with my homeschool kiddo, we needed access to the library.

Today was the day to get a new card. And isn’t it funny how a grown woman can walk in to a library and feel just like a guilty school kid having to admit that she lost her darn card?!?! Yep, that was me.

But I had the kiddo with me. So I put on the brave adult face, like I was totally cool about having lost my library card and it was just an every day thing.

Tonight I am thankful that getting a new library card was totally NOT a big deal. The lady was super-duper nice. She used my driver’s license, found me in the computer, and got me a new card speedy quick!

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