Today was a wonderful birthday! I turned 29 . . again!!! Ok, well I actually turned 42. I do tend to keep my age at 29 just for fun. Just like Santa Claus at Christmas time, 29 is a fun way to celebrate the holiday that is my birthday!

The hubster stopped me on my way out the door this morning with two very sweet cards! I went in to the office to find a pot of mini roses 🙂 Family that didn’t have to be at school took me out to a delicious breakfast!

In the afternoon I took a kiddo out to walk to the post office and catch Pokemon. When we got back to the office, there was a herd of smiley balloons to greet me!! My Mommy stopped by with a beautiful present and a cheesecake!!!

When I got home, a kiddo made me chicken and dumplings for dinner! And another kiddo made me a berry pie! I got this snap chat picture with my puppy wishing me happy birthday!

One kiddo had a cross country meet and came in fourth! I took a kiddo to Ninja and worked up a birthday sweat!

Whew, and now it is the end of the day, and I am thankful that I had an absolutely wonderful birthday! Here’s to another year of rocking 29! 🙂

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