Nothing Like It

Tonight I had the blessing of going to a concert with a friend. This was the Judd’s Final Tour. And either I forgot, or hadn’t known that this was the first concert stop on the tour. Martina McBride joined the tour to help Wynonna Judd after the passing of her mom.

Besides that these were amazing artist who put on a great show, the love at this show was unlike any concert I had been at.

Wynonna shared that she had thought about cancelling tour after her mom’s passing. But, she decided to continue on. She leaned on her band members several times. She drew the love from the crowed. She was brought to tears. I am still in awe of the amount of love there.

Tonight I am thankful for getting to go to this concert. I am thankful for the love shown to Wynonna. And I am thankful for Wynonna, being the very strong woman that she is, being open to being vulnerable in front of so many people and knowing that being vulnerable does not make you weak. ❤️

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