The Ladies

This post is mostly for the ladies, about . . um . . their ladies. Like not real ladies, but the ta-tas, cha-chas, and a variety of names that anyone would like to use. Side note: I asked Google what other names are for breasts, and there are multiple websites with 100+ names. So there, now you know that this is a thing that is on the internet, in bulk.

Ok, moving on, there is a certain age when it is good for a woman to go get her ladies checked out. If a woman is fortunate like me, they get a super friendly and comforting person to work the machine and facilitate the test! So what could be an awkward and icky experience, is more like chatting with a friend . . while your chest is just out there . . but whatever . . my analogy went awry there somewhere . . moving on . . . (note my attempt at humor while addressing a serious subject please!)

I have only had this test done twice. The first one was a couple of years ago. I was told at that time that I have a perfectly normal condition, but where my chances of breast cancer are a little higher. Bleh.

Last week I went in for my second ever Ta-Ta-Squish-Test. This time I was told that my doctor’s office had a new machine! It specifically does a more in-depth test for ladies who have ladies that are dense like mine! That was quite good to hear!

Tonight I am thankful for an opportunity first of all to remind the ladies out there to check your own ladies – check them yourself and have them checked out properly! I am also thankful for an opportunity to share that technology is out there to help find concerns earlier and earlier! I have my closer look at my ladies scheduled for next week. And it is great to know that although statistically I may have an increase risk for something, I can at least have a test done every year to have an increase rate of finding anything that may need to be found. Of course, I am keeping my prayers that the ladies stay healthy and keep stranger cells away from them! They should know better anyway! 🤣 Stranger danger, especially when it comes to naughty and unwanted cells in my body!

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