Doing Ok

It was a normal morning. I had a doctor’s appointment. And a kiddo had a doctor’s appointment at the same time. So the hubster took the kiddo.

The kiddo was behind on a couple vaccines. So he got caught up. After the appointment, he went to the check out and passed out.

After he was better, they went to the parking lot and called me. The goofy teenage kiddo was laughing about the whole thing!! Meanwhile, this Momma was not feeling like the whole thing was so funny!

I spent a bit of time searching online. Guess what, turns out that fainting after vaccines isn’t super uncommon. There are actually three vaccines that teenagers tend to faint more after. And of course, one of these vaccines was one that my kiddo had.

Tonight I am thankful that my kiddo is ok! I am thankful that this is actually a thing that tends to happen. It certainly didn’t feel like like anything “normal” when I first heard what happened!

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