It is funny how in the name of “being an adult” humans make up these ridiculously stupid rules that steal our peace!

Case in point – there is a woman who recently spoke against me on a professional level. She was in a position where she could have been of help for a misunderstanding, but chose to stand behind her words that I was wrong. EVEN AFTER I provided documentation from national sources on why I was correct and she had misunderstood.

Frustrating, yes. Unexpected, no. Whatever. And I went about my life.

And then, this woman sends me a friend request on social media!!! HA!

Now “being an adult”, I accept the request or reach out to her or something, right? Wrong!

I hold no ill will. She was misinformed or misunderstood the concepts. I don’t have a problem with that. I am not ok with being proven wrong and still saying nothing. She didn’t even need to apologize to me. If she had spoken up to the others that were involved, that would have went a long way.

Tonight I am thankful that I have a choice, to choose peace over “being an adult” or “being mature”. I’m sure this is a lovely woman. I looked at her visible social media stuff. At another time, we maybe could have been friendly. But, I’m holding on to my peace here, and not inviting her in to my personal online space! I’ve already forgiven her for what she did (because I was seriously irritated for a bit!). Now, my healthy boundary is to keep her at a comfortable distance from my life!

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