It has been . . um . . six months maybe since my concussion. My brain is mostly back to normal. I have found the things that still bother my brain. It is pretty much extremely physically over-exerting myself and spinning motions.

Like when I was playing with my boys in the lake over a month ago. I was thrown repeatedly in to the lake. And I kept rolling/spinning as I was thrown. I ended up getting dizzy and seeing stars. That wouldn’t have happened a year ago.

Well, tonight at Ninja I was spinning. And it didn’t even dawn on me that my brain would be effected. I was concentrating on my muscles and my form, not my brain. Until I saw some stars.

I did stop and sat still for a bit. But, I did not share with the coach. Until later. Oops!

Tonight I am thankful that I do seem to know the triggers for my brain to be unhappy. And I am thankful for the reminder that I also need to share that information with others sometimes! Oops!

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