My Own Way!

My brain loves to have ideas. They go off like fireworks sometimes! And when I say them out loud, sometimes I see people’s eyes glaze over. Yep, that many ideas! That makes it hard to know sometimes which ideas are mine and which are God inspired.

There have been ideas that I knew were God inspired right away. But then, there are others that I am just not sure about.

A little over a year ago I had started doing some research and launched a new idea. Then I let it fizzle.

And now, I’m getting the push to start it back up again. BUT, to do it my way. I had done so much research, that I wasn’t following the path that I should have taken with it. Research is good! Learning things and building foundations is good! But so is staying true to your own vision!

So tonight, I am thankful for returning to the idea of my own possible brand of real estate talks! It is called CaseRET, and it is going to share lots of the knowledge that I have learned over the past 17 years of being a real estate appraiser, broker, investor, and owner (I live in a house too! 🤣)

Here is the Facebook link if you would like to give me a Like and Follow. No new content is there yet. But it will be coming soon! Along with some other social media that will develop as my vision grows for this! 🙂

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