Stinky . .

A kiddo and I were out working on the new house tonight. We were getting back home a little late. There were deer all over!

As we went to pull in to our yard, I saw a black little animal. We have lots of black barn cats, so I didn’t think too much about it . . except this one seemed just a little off. I think it was God whispering in my mind to take a second look honestly. Because from the back, it looked like a black cat.

I moved the car and shined my lights. Sure enough, it was a skunk!! I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight. We watched it walk around the side of the house. The kiddo called the hubster and made sure no doggies were outside. I inched the car up a little at a time.

The skunk came towards the back corner of the house. It would soon be blocking the back door. 🧐 Thankfully, the skunk changed its mind! It turned around and went back towards the front of the house!!! We grabbed our stuff and ran inside as quick as we could!

Tonight I am thankful that we did NOT get sprayed by a skunk! I am thankful that the skunk didn’t spray at all! Whew!!!

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