About two months ago I bought a beautiful purple dress at a flea market. I thought it was gorgeous!

I brought it home and tried it on. And it looked horrible on me. I cried. Stupid dress looking all great on the hanger and looking like crap on me. Incredibly rude of the dress, wasn’t it?!

I gave the dress away to Goodwill right away. I couldn’t even stand to look at it anymore.

Facebook showed me this dress on sale from another site. It was cheap. I knew even if the dress came and looked icky on me, at least I wasn’t going to be out a bunch of money. The dress came today! It is a little big. I need to take it in a smidge.

Tonight I am thankful that this dress is actually pretty in real life! It is close to how I thought it would look! And it makes me feel a whole lot better than the stupid purple dress did!

Now I need to find a place to wear the pretty black dress with the sparkles! 🙂 🙂

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