5 Minutes

I have made very big attempts, as a parent, to be as honest and truthful as possible!

So when the teenage kiddos complain about loading the dishwasher, and I tell them to stop whining over a five minute job; I mean it! I can totally load the dishwasher in five minutes! And as I proved this week . . . my 5 minute dishwasher loading resulted in fairly dirty dishes at the end of the dishwasher cycle. Oops!!

I’ve also claimed that I can fold and change the laundry over in 5 minutes. I think I can do that one . . although I haven’t actually timed myself.

Cleaning the bathroom – 5 minutes. Sweeping and mopping the floor – 5 minutes. Cleaning the living room – 5 minutes. 🤣🤣

Ok, well now that I’ve lost some credibility with the kiddos in my slightly sarcastic attempts to show their dramatization over chores . . now it is just become a very good thing for me to say at any time to the kiddos about anything!

Book report – 5 minutes. Shower time – 5 minutes. Getting ready in the morning – 5 minutes! I mean, I’m just going to keep rolling with this now that I’ve been discovered as being a slight fraud with my time calculations!!

Tonight I am thankful for being able to sarcastically encourage the kiddos while maintaining a running joke! I mean, they should learn to try their best, be ready to accept less than perfection, and laugh at themselves. Now, in this house, Mom saying 5 minutes is going to be able to help with all of this! 😊

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