Rose Clothes

My daughter has her own business with vintage, second hand, and custom clothes. She keeps some of her inventory in a room at my office. I never knew that it would save the day for me!

Today I wore a cute black sweater with a white ghost and the word “Boo” on it. It is quite adorable if you ask me! But, it may not be considered super professional . .

That was ok though. I didn’t have any appointments where the sweater would be deemed inappropriate today. Until I received a phone call from a potential buyer that wanted to see a commercial property today. Hmm . . . first impression with a commercial buyer . . the cute ghost sweater was not the way to go. And I had fifteen minutes before I had to leave.

So I went in to the room next to my office and went shopping!!

Tonight I am thankful for E’s Rose Clothes stashing their inventory in a room at my office!! This cute top was $10 and helped make a great first impression today!!
**Check out E’s Rose Clothes on Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Poshmark, Depop, and Ebay!

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