Mirror, Mirror

I was in a house taking pictures today. The house goes live for showings tomorrow. I was playing with angles and lighting and taking lots and lots of pictures.

And I took this one. And I liked it!

Here’s the deal. I’ve struggled, set new goals, struggled, set new goals, etc., etc. for awhile about myself. I need to be healthier, stronger, etc. But life has me busy, tired, eating fast food, etc.

Enter Ninja. I’ve been taking ninja classes twice a week for a month or so now. Yesterday I saw some new muscles in my arms! I’ve known those muscles . . they’ve been hibernating for years!

I’ve had the thoughts for a bit that I can start sleeping regularly, stop eating like crap, and drinking pop; that my combination with Ninja classes should reap some fantastic results! But, we’re moving and renovating multiple houses, and other life stuff. So, I haven’t been very good with the healthier stuff.

But, I have to admit that I’m a little more inspired now! Seeing new muscles one day and noticing that I look a bit healthier in a random picture playing in a mirror at a new listing have me finding a little more motivation to be on track in other areas as well!

Tonight I am thankful for getting stronger! I will continue on that path and will slowly but surely get healthier too! No unrealistic expectations here! I will be eating out a bit more still until the “slowest move in history” is completed. And yes, I think this just may qualify as the slowest move in history! But that is a blog for another day! 😁

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