One of the things I used to pray for a lot (and need to get back in the habit of praying for again) is wisdom. My brain operates very smartly. My empathetic heart tends to lean towards gullibility. My creativity spurs on an insane level at times. And it has been clear to me for a long time that wisdom can tie all of these things together.

In my walk as a parent I have prayed for wisdom regularly. As a parent, it is easy to know the things that I want for my kids. As a logical person, it is kind of easy to know the things that should be correct for my kids. Looking at my babies, it can be easy to want to just hug them and let everything just be for awhile. But, “spare the rod, spoil the child” is a very true thing. And although the rod is typically thought to be purely physical, just like everything that God talks about; there can be different meanings. The rod is discipline. And, although “no disciple seems pleasant at the time . . . it produces a harvest of righteousness” Hebrews 12:11.

There have been times in each of my kiddos’ lives so far when wisdom had to lead. Emotions could not lead 100%. Logic could not lead 100%. And surely my ego as a parent could not lead! (Ever notice that parents?? Ego slips right in there when we want to be right because we are the parents!)

Anyway today held a reflection for a past season of a kiddo’s life. Today my kiddo got to have an experience that was not allowed last year. And last year it was not allowed because of me. I pulled the plug on a lot of things until the kiddo learned some life lessons about responsibility, discipline, and work ethic. There were many who did not agree with the decisions I made. And I myself struggled with it to an extent. But, it was the wise choice to make.

Tonight I am thankful that my kiddo learned those life lessons, while maturing and growing in to someone I am so very proud of! There are still many lessons to master and always more learning to happen. And I am very thankful that God’s wisdom will be there to help with those lessons also . . as long as we keep looking to him to guide us! And we will!

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