How it Started

It started with a smell. At first, ya know . . a person doesn’t want to panic. So I waited a bit. The smell seemed to dissipate. But then it was back.

Finally walked in to the basement and saw this. This is the “nice” picture of what I first saw. It doesn’t look so pleasant anymore. I have some clean up to do.

I called an emergency company and they were out super quick. Except, the problem with the drain is bigger than what they could fix today. The first guy from their company seemed pretty honest. The second guy that came out was a bit less trustworthy. I didn’t like his pushiness or his “mansplaining” of things to me. I mean . . seriously, if I say I understand . . then it is possible that I understand!

Anyway, I called a friend and left a voicemail. I’m sure I sounded a little panicky . . and I hate sounding panicky. And he is here working on things right now!

Tonight I am thankful for the work he is putting in to try to fix things tonight! I am thankful for his family letting him come and help me here at the office! I am thankful that my tenants are not staying the night in their apartment tonight. I am thankful our office event this weekend is not at the office. I am thankful that it was nice enough to have windows open for most of the day to try and get the smell out of here. I am thankful for a lot during this smelly and irritating time!!

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