The last couple of weeks have been my “trial” time on Tik Tok. Please check me out under CaseRET!!

Anyway, I’ve had some fun playing around with the different video things. And now it is time to get a little more serious!

I have met with my marketing kiddo, who made me a schedule . . which I immediately deterred from! Oops! I’m not too good with schedules!

The mission of CaseRET is to share real estate stuff – from my appraiser side, my broker side, my investor side, and my homeowner side. I have a lot of useful knowledge rolling around in this head of mine. And I hear a lot of questions that people have. I am restricted, to a point, under my licenses. So I thought of a way to answer questions and share information from a safe place!

Tonight I am thankful for this chance to grow and add some direction to CaseRET! Don’t worry, I won’t get 100% serious! That’s just not me 🙂 But, it’ll be a fun journey of good information and amusing house stuff!
(P.S. My marketing kiddo will be helping me work with the other social medias also! I think Youtube is next!!)

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