Dine & Dash

Tonight I did it . . I dined and dashed!!

It was a cheeseburger. A tasty one! Delicious!!

Don’t think of any less of me!


Tonight I am thankful that my kiddo made dinner! I stopped at home, ate dinner, and was off again! I am super thankful for that yummy burger! Thanks kiddo!!

P.S. Usually I try for a bit better of a background. But, I don’t care at the moment. We have been packing and moving and I just don’t care. Why is there a spoon on the floor by me? I have no idea . . I have 4 teenagers. What is that pink spot on the wall? I don’t know . . I have 4 teenagers. We’ll get it all taken care of . . eventually. Tonight a teenager made dinner, so I won’t complain!

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