It is good to challenge one’s self, right? I mean . . even if it feels like torture at times?

When committing to do “Planksgiving” and increasing the time of planks throughout November, I saw only good things for myself!

Well . . last night at Ninja, there were a lot of planking. And I started seeing stars while doing the planking. Totally my fault! I haven’t been taking the best care of myself.

But today, I was back at it with my scheduled 45 second plank for Planksgiving!

Owe! Muscles from yesterday were felt! Slight dizziness was happening. I know my moodily-tender post-concussion brain is sensitive. And it probably doesn’t help that I don’t think I breathe evenly while doing planks . . hmmm . .

But, I did it!

Tonight I am thankful for a good challenge! 45 seconds today! 50 seconds tomorrow. And tomorrow I will concentrate on my breathing while planking . . so my brain can be oh so happy! 3 minutes is scheduled by the end of the month. Let’s Do This!! Bam!

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