The Narrative

How it Started:
Me – to myself, Come on body, toughen up! Why can’t you handle this!? You are weak! What’s your problem!
This is ridiculous. It had been weeks since an incident. Why is this happening again? I thought this crap was all over with now. Grrrr.

How it Ended:
Me – to myself, Body, you’ve been tough, you need a break. You are strong, and I’ve pushed you pretty far. I still need to work on resting more.
It is amazing how much you’ve done lately. There has been so much that you’ve done, mentally and physically and all without an incident for weeks! I have pushed pretty hard lately. I’m not surprised you are sending me warnings body. Body, thank you for letting me know that you need me to slow down a bit before I end up hurting myself again. Thank you.

Tonight I am thankful for the check in my spirit to change the the narrative playing in my head about myself tonight. I wanted to do more tonight. But, what I did was plenty. And what I’ve been doing is amazing. There won’t be tons of time for resting coming up; but I will definitely do better at resting in the small moments and taking better care of myself!

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