Well, I’ll be honest, getting in to an accident while on a vacation sucked. Having the other party drive away sucked. Having the insurance company enter in to their system that my car was in a lot and was a secondary priority for a tow, sucked.

But there were some things that didn’t suck. It was good that no one was hurt. It was good that the car was a little driveable so that I could move it to a safer location. It was good that the driver’s relative came back an hour later with the car so that we could get a police report. It was good that we tracked down the issue with the missing tow truck and were able to get a tow. It was good that we got a very nice man driving the tow truck that helped us. It was good to have a friendly lady at the collision center to help us with transportation to our awaiting rental car. It was good that the rental car people were super nice. And it was good that (if this had happen), at least this happened today and not tomorrow. Tomorrow would have crushed my daughter’s heart . . or should we have left me on foot to go see her boyfriend at bootcamp!

Tonight I am thankful that things weren’t nearly as bad as they could have been today! We are fine. Everyone is fine. And we have a car to drive! We are blessed!

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