The Most of the Plans

Today was the day I spent the most time on before we left on our trip. To prepare for our trip, I had kept my workload up and even a little ahead. I packed my bag the night before we left; I wasn’t worried about that. But, knowing we would get back in the wee hours of the morning on Thanksgiving made Thanksgiving Dinner preparations a little different.

We went with two turkey breasts in two crockpots. This makes very delicious and moist (sorry for people that don’t like that word) turkey with little to no fuss. The hubster took the frozen turkey breasts out of the freezer yesterday and they were good to go this morning!

All of the sides and desserts were decided on with ease of preparations in mind. The two crockpots with 3 smaller pots each were great. Sides were made a couple at a time and put in the small crockpots to stay warm. I didn’t over plan on times to actually cook in the small crockpots or to try to prepare the sides to all be ready at the same time.

This morning, while I was sleeping, the hubster put the turkeys in the crockpots. A kiddo made the two pans of party potatoes – one is gluten and dairy free with veggies; and one is the original recipe with no veggies. I got to just keep moving along with the other items in a comfortable and un-stressed flow!

Tonight I am thankful for a great Thanksgiving with family! I am thankful that the food was delicious . . and I won’t need to eat again for several days I think! And I am thankful that I am about to head to bed! I only slept about 4 1/2 hours last night. So I am thankful to sleep tonight!! But, I wouldn’t have traded anything about this trip or getting up to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade this morning!! 😍

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