I’ve averaged around 35,000 to 40,000 miles per year on my vehicles for years now. I thought that I had a little less on Mille. I was wrong I guess.

I got the call today that the insurance is considering Millie a loss and she’ll be going away. I have to send them the title. When I looked at the title, I saw that I haven’t had her quite two years yet . . almost two years though! And not quite 40,000 miles per year . . . almost 40,000 miles per year though!

Tonight I am thankful that everyone was ok with our accident – no injuries. I am thankful that I did NOT get a ticket! I am thankful that the other driver was not familiar with all of our driving laws and really didn’t stop in the road on purpose to cause other drivers drama! I am thankful that everyone we interacted with was super nice. And honestly, I’m thankful that the insurance totaled the car. I really did NOT want to go back to South Carolina to get it, if they were to fix it!!

**PS – One funny thing about this was that the first police officer that came, a Hilton Head, SC police officer, asked where we were from in Michigan. His wife is from a town about 15 miles from me! I almost started singing “It’s a Small World”! Almost 🙂

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