Injured Tech

Sooo . . we’ve had the office building for over a year now. And during that time, it has crossed my mind several times to change out my computer set-up. As I was previously working primarily from home, my home set-up was sweet with my four monitors!! When we added the office, I bought two additional monitors from garage sales, pulled out an old CPU from my attic, backed it to hard drive, and wiped it. Boom, I was good to go.

Well, now, with us moving, there are no excuses. It was time to do this switcheroo. I was going to do it yesterday. But I had work to do, and then decided on fun with the kiddos instead 🙂

Today was going to be the day! I was going to do this!!! But first, I was catching more barn cats to move them over. One of them, named Black Jack, was being so cute and cuddly! Until she saw the cat carrier. Then she turned in to a possessed jaguar or terror. I ended up taking off my jacket and wrapping her to get her in. But, not before she bit a kiddo on the finger and attacked my hands with intense fervor!

The good news is that Black Jack calmed down once arriving at the new house and seems content and happy! The bad news is that might right hand is not very usable right now.

Tonight I am thankful for the kiddos and hubster who helped with my computer moves today!! I wasn’t planning on relying on anyone so much for this! But I couldn’t carry anything beyond a light bag and I could do limited wire connections, like very limited connections. Yay for kiddos and hubster!! Yay for computer set-ups being all done.

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