This morning I got up early in some pain. Well, let’s back up, several times last night I got up in some pain. So I hopped online and started checking out Urgent Care times for the day.

My kiddo and I were there minutes after they opened. They were pretty timely and prescribed us both an antibiotic. So after a bit, we went over to Meijer to get our prescriptions. We had to grab a few things for home too. BUT, we hadn’t eaten yet!!

Uh Oh! You know how they say not to go shopping hungry? Well, we were doing just that! And it seemed like a brilliant idea to purchase each of the Little Debbie ice creams to try them all!! Honestly, I still think it was a good idea!! But, I don’t think we would have decided to buy ALL the ice creams IF we had eaten before shopping.

Tonight I am thankful for our impromptu family ice cream party tonight! I think everyone had a different favorite! Mine was the Strawberry Shortcake Roll 🙂

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