My kiddo asked me what I thought she would look like with bangs. So I drew her this uncannily realistic portrait!!! I know, I know, I should totally give up this real estate gig and become a full time artist. But, hey, it’s hard to break away from what I know so well! 🤣

Ok, seriously though, said kiddo came down (possibly after being persuaded by this personalized, hand-drawn rendition) and asked me to cut her some bangs. It is not lost on me that my kiddos put a great amount of trust in me with their hair. When they were younger of course, they had no choice. But now as teenagers, the trust is there! I get shown pictures and am then requested to create the styles on their heads.

This would not be possible without the help of You-tube and Google! Tonight I almost goofed! Well, I did actually. Thankfully my kiddo has thick, thick hair, so my goof-up was hide-able. AND, we were able to get the desired look!! If you think my drawing here looks good, you should see her in person!!!

Tonight I am thankful for the trust my kiddos place in me when I am holding scissors to their hair! And I am thankful that I have a kiddo who is happy with her new do! (That was a close one tonight!)

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