Keep It a Secret!

Ok, I did a thing. This is a Christmas thing. You can’t tell my Mom! Ok?? I’m going to give her one for Christmas!

Every year I share my favorite Christmas story here on my blog. I love it! This year I shared the story with my church. The response was great! And it got me thinking how neat it would be to make my favorite Christmas story, starring my Mom, in to an actual book!

So, I wrote out the classic story with a bit more back-story; it is still a pretty short story. I had friends review it for me. I researched the best way to go about making a story in to an actual book. And, viola! I made a book! Feel free to check it out here! Kindle and paperback versions are available!! I don’t know how the book will look in person, but I’ve ordered a few copies!

Tonight I am thankful for both making an awesome Christmas gift for my Mom and selfishly for becoming a published author!

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