This is my nativity set. Well, not the whole set. This is part of it. I’ve shared in previous years, but I felt inspired to share again 🙂

I looked for the perfect nativity set for years, YEARS! Most nativity sets have the people looking so solemn. And that’s nuts! They just had a baby!! And not just any baby, but Jesus!! These people would have not been able to stop smiling!! The wise men, come on, those guys went on quite the trip and they finally made it! They would have been thrilled! The shepherd, I mean, come on! Taking care of those sheep and leading them based off of a star and he found Jesus! He would have been relieved and filled with joy!

After years of searching, everywhere from Bronner’s to online; I had finally found my nativity set at a home improvement store, marked for children. But, I didn’t care! This is our set that we put out every year!

Tonight I am thankful for the joyous time of Christmas and the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus! And I am thankful for my nativity set with smiling people and animals! I am no historian, but I’m sure they were all smiling!! ❤️

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